• Install Ultrafiltration Water Filter or RO System?
    Water Filter not only removes the dust, sediment, and some organic matter and microorganisms in the water, but also removes the calcium and magnesium ions that form scale when boiling water.
  • More Water Filter Cartridges You Need Konw
    According to the needs of water filter, there are many types of water filter cartridges, and each type of water filter cartridge has slightly different functions. There are four common types of activated carbon filter cartridge, PP cotton filter cartridge, ultrafiltration membrane filter cartridge, and KDF filter cartridge. Tourmaline Water Filter Cartridge
  • Function of Water Filter Cartridges
    At present, there are many types of water filters on the market, and there are various types of water filter cartridges. Consumers know very little about the role of water filter cartridges.