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GE FQSVF screen printing Refrigerator Filter  1pack

GE FQSVF screen printing Refrigerator Filter 1pack Item NO.: 1154607

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US$ 23.00

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  • Main adaptation models:FQSVF
  • PS951499
Product Name GE FQSVF screen printing Refrigerator Filter 1pack
Item NO. 1154607
Weight 0.272 kg = 0.5997 lb = 9.5945 oz
Category Refrigerator Water Filter
Brand GE
Creation Time 2020-07-03

Main adaptation models:FQSVF



These cartridges last about 9 months for me, which comes to about $6/month for safer drinking water. I believe the recommended replacement rate is once in 6 months, but for me, the telltale sign of failure is simply reduced water flow, which in my view is a welcome indication because it shows that the contaminants in my tap water have accumulated in the filter instead of my body. This vendor delivered them promptly as ordered, and they installed easily in minutes. Just be careful not to touch the open top after removing the aluminum foil because you don't want to introduce bacteria (or foil, for that matter) during install.



I was afraid this was not going to be as good as the filter it replaced, but found it to be even better!



Did the job!!Best deal and the water tastes great!



Works fine on my fridge.



It works,Great product



Very quick n easy and water tasted much better.



Less expensive than Sears where we originally purchased our refrigerator



This was a replacement for a filter that is installed under our kitchen sink. We can use a special little faucet to get the filtered water. Also, the filtered water goes to our refrigerator, so our ice and water on the door is acutally twice filtered, because there is a filter on the fridge too. We just purchased this home, so it was this way when we bought it. I love the filtered water.



I replace these in about 10 minutes so extremely easy to use as I have been using for years. Also as one of the other folks pointed out, these filers take out more then taste and other contaminants as they take out a lot of VOC and an assortment of other harmful chemicals. So to me, not worth saving $12 - 15 over the course of 10 - 14 months We live in CA so state law all the water coming in has to be tested but we have had our city water tested before and some chemicals may be over the suggested PPM levels. Also they tell you to replace every 6 months or when the red light comes on the filter reminder which is on a 6 month battery timer which can short out or not be accurate, I replace them when the water flow starts to slow down, then you know you know your filters need to be replaced. That is usually 10 - 14 months for our household of 3 people since we have a filter at the sink and the the filters on the drinking water coming out of the fridge. My only gripe is that GE tells you to lube the gaskets with food grade silicon grease which they DON'T include so you need to buy a tube of that separately. Why not include the tube with the filters?? They still work fine without putting the Silicon grease on but it may be tougher to get them off later on.