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GE FQSVF screen printing Refrigerator Filter  3pack

GE FQSVF screen printing Refrigerator Filter 3pack Item NO.: 1154612

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US$ 66.00

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  • Main adaptation models:FQSVF
  • PS951499
Product Name GE FQSVF screen printing Refrigerator Filter 3pack
Item NO. 1154612
Weight 0.272 kg = 0.5997 lb = 9.5945 oz
Category Refrigerator Water Filter
Brand GE
Creation Time 2020-07-03

Main adaptation models:FQSVF



It was impossible to find these anywhere for sale in any stores our city. We live just north of Denver and we were surprised that it was only available online. Being skeptical of getting non-genuine or poorly made replacement filters; we were very surprised that these appear to be the real deal. The filters fit perfectly the first try and are working as they are supposed to. There were no leaks or problems inserting these filters.



Great tasting water. Cheaper than bottled water and does not pollute environment with tons of empty water bottles. Empty water bottles are taking over the planet



Hope GE doesn't stop selling these like they did the whole system. Great quality water and so easy to replace - a quarter turn and no cutting off the water. One heads up - turn the dispenser on very very low until all the air blows out of the system. It's much easier on the system.



I love the taste of my water and the best thing about it, these filters are a breeze to change out. Just turn by hand and hand tighten the new filters and you are done.



I absolutely love these filters; the specs are fantastic, and taste-wise, they are the best I've ever used. They also seem to last a long time. We use them under our sink, and for a family of 3 who drinks a lot of water, even after 6 months they are still going strong and producing great-tasting water. (I usually replace them after about 9 months.) They are also incredibly easy to swap in & out.



Received on time, tried other brands but did not have a good flow rate. This works great and easy to install.



These filters are difficult to find nowadays. I tried Home Depot and Lowe's and had no luck. GE changes their products and forces its customers to buy an entire new system every few years; I really hate that. I have this filter set saved in my Amazon wish list so that I can go back to reorder. Just got my 2nd set. It took me about 2 minutes to remove the old filters and install the new ones. They work quite well.

Since my memory does not serve for the most of time, I used a black marker to write down the date on the newly installed filter so that I would know when to replace them!



Takes away the Chlorine smell and probably a lot more



I like using my GE water filter & these replacement filters appear to do the job.



Nothing to dislike about this product,..Water filtration is excellent, filters out all kinds of nasties like Chlorine, what's left is water that is colourless, odorless and tasteless. Simple removal and installation, water does not have to be shut off when changing filters.



I been using these GE waterfilter brand for some time and I personally feel it offer a better taste and quality. It cost a little more than other replacement brands but my family and I do notice the difference. We pay a little extra for better taste and quality of our tap water. We live in southern california so our water filter does come very handy and cheap since I don't have to spend $600.00 a year in bottle water anymore.