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GE RPWFE Refrigerator Filter  1pack

GE RPWFE Refrigerator Filter 1pack Item NO.: 1153206

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US$ 26.00

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  • Main adaptation models:GE RPWFE
Product Name GE RPWFE Refrigerator Filter 1pack
Item NO. 1153206
Weight 0.272 kg = 0.5997 lb = 9.5945 oz
Category Refrigerator Water Filter
Brand GE
Creation Time 2020-07-03

Main adaptation models:GE RPWFE



My new fridge was sending a message that the water filter needed replacing. I guess this happens every six months, so I expect I will have to order another one soon. This was the most reasonable price, although just a little less than the GE website. I have heard it's not really necessary to replace this so often, but I don't want that message coming up on my refrigerator. I will be ordering it again. There are directions on the filter, and it was easy to replace.



Fits my new refrigerator and it was convenient to order rather than going to a store in January when I needed it. I will say that I didn't expect to love the filtered water in the refrigerator since I have really good well water; however, I love it! I found prices were pretty close wherever I looked



I have this on the repeat order every 3 months. It’s great because it reminds me to switch the filter when it’s needed. Easy to install and doesn’t change the taste of the water which is great. Lasts 3 months



Bought this for the fridge at work and, well, it works. You may get some carbon on the first load of ice cubes, which means it's doing something. Just toss those ones and ta-da!



It's a filter - it works (near as I can tell). Really nothing more to say. Just make sure you get the right one! Double and triple-check your model code and the code on the product page.



These filters are extremely expensive and GE has added the RFID reader for no other reason than that these are required for your refrigerator's water and ice system to work. Your fridge locks you out after these filters expire. These do work well however and lick your water taste very clean.



So happy to find the right filter for our new refrigerator on Amazon. I found this extremely easy to install; got it done in about 20 seconds. Be sure to flush the water system out before dispensing a glass of water to drink



This was a good value for the required filter. Installed easily and is working as expected. Make sure to follow the recommendation to flush a gallon or two through the system before use. I got a bunch of blackish water and particulate out during the flushing. Once it cleared out everything has been great since.



This product works perfectly with my L.G. and installs easily. It is lasting longer than I expected. AFter five months it still says that the condition is good. I used water for my coffee every morning and the quality is very good. No chlorine taste at all.


M**** K

Seems to be original GE as far as I can tell. Prefer to drink filtered water vs bottled due to plastic (particles in water as well as environmental concerns-don’t drink from a plastic bottles after it’s been sitting in a hot car-makes me wonder how hot it was during shipping in the summer). Overall I think these filters are all overpriced but I guess worth it compared to bottled:



My GE refrigerator senses a properly installed GE filter. If it doesn't see it, it turns off the water to both the ice maker and the in door water. Since I have to use a GE filter, it is nice to find a great price.