Install Ultrafiltration Water Filter or RO System?

Refrigerator Water Filter not only removes the dust, sediment, and some organic matter and microorganisms in the water, but also removes the calcium and magnesium ions that form scale when boiling water. 
Most families drink pure water. As we all know, the most important thing for water filter products is the filter element. The household water purifiers on the market are mainly divided into two types of ultrafiltration systems and reverse osmosis olefins according to the filter element structure.

The pore size of the ultrafiltration membrane is about (0.001-0.1) um, and colloids, rust, suspended matter, sediment, macromolecular organic matter, etc. in the water can be intercepted by the ultrafiltration membrane to complete purification. Ultrafiltration water filters generally do not require a pump and do not require power consumption, avoiding electrical safety issues. And it has large water output, no waste water, environmental protection and energy saving. In addition, due to fewer joints and low water pressure, the normal water pressure of municipal water is generally sufficient, so the failure rate and the probability of water leakage are relatively low.

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