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LG LT500P ADQ72910907 46-9890 Refrigerator Filter  1pack

LG LT500P ADQ72910907 46-9890 Refrigerator Filter 1pack Item NO.: 1154976

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US$ 22.00

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  • LT500P ADQ72910907
  • 46-9890
Product Name LG LT500P ADQ72910907 46-9890 Refrigerator Filter 1pack
Item NO. 1154976
Weight 0.272 kg = 0.5997 lb = 9.5945 oz
Category Refrigerator Water Filter
Brand LG
Creation Time 2020-07-04

LT500P ADQ72910907



I tried one of the other replacement filters previously, but it was not a good fit. I have used this one previously and it works great because it is the genuine replacement.



Same replacement filter as I had purchased last year at a large electronics retailer, but purchased here (on amazon) for nearly 40% less!! 2-weeks in and it performs the same; water tastes fine; no cloudiness. Will purchase again!



Easy to install. Works as advertised. Works well in my LG French door refrigerator.



The weird taste the water had, especially when left in a glass for an hour or so with the Home Depot brand filter, is gone using this product. Overall taste is far superior to our old filters!



Every six months I replace my filter. Works great. Easy to install and uninstall. And can't beat the price. Been using this for five years now.



Got this for my mother's LG fridge. Install for her model is very easy, basically 1/4 turn and the old one came off, then 1/4 turn clockwise for the replacement. You have to run about 3 gallons of water to break it in (if you will), but after that the water comes out crystal clear and tastes great. The local dealer wanted about $15 more for the same thing.



NEVER buy the cheap alternatives for filters. Consumer Reports did a big study of them, and not only were they not effective, some of them actually introduced bad stuff into the water. Their advice - stick to the original manufacturer's filter. I have bought these many times and am very happy with them. They are LG filters made by LG.



Have ordered this produce several times now. Always arrives quickly and works well. Much more economical and eco-friendly when you're not buying bottled water and throwing bottles away. Use it for our hot tea and coffee, much better results.



The taste is great. No nasty looking stuff comes out. Super easy to install. We tried a cheaper brand and it was awful. Stick with the LG brand for sure



LG filter is a great quality filter and lasts 6 months with the 5 of us in the house. Great purchase and the water has a great taste. Unlike those off brand filters. Ugh, the water taste so bad. Buy the LG filter. It tastes great!!!



Wonderful find! I am so pleased with Amazon on this one. Product is half the price of retail and works beautifully. Easy to install and after purging 2 gallons of water (per refrigerator instruction manual) there is no taste to the water. Other reviews of inexpensive filters tend to complain of a funny taste. Not the case with this one. So thrilled, I'm going to stock up!