More Water Filter Cartridges You Need Konw

Activated Carbon Water Filter Cartridge
The main function is adsorption, different carbon adsorption is different, generally speaking, the larger the surface area of carbon particles, the stronger the adsorption, the higher the filtration accuracy, the better the filtration effect, and the carbon needs special treatment under high pressure to achieve better Of activity.
Mineralized Ball Water Filter Cartridge
The mineralization ball is used to mineralize the water quality, increase the minerals in the water, and the effluent water quality can reach alkaline, but after a period of time, the alkaline effect will basically disappear. Therefore, the general promotion of the effect of alkaline water machine can only start for a few weeks, and alkaline water has no effect on the human body, because any water will become acidic after passing through the gastric juice.
Activation Ball Water Filter Cartridge
The activation ball is also a kind of publicity. In fact, it is to increase the minerals in the water in the early stage. The effect is the same as that of the mineralized ball.
KDF Water Filter Cartridge
This is a copper-zinc alloy used to remove heavy metals in water, while having bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects.
Softening Water Filter Cartridge
It is mainly sodium salt, which can remove scale through resin exchange. The effect is obvious, but there is a drawback that the sodium salt in the water exceeds the standard, and the excessive sodium salt causes adverse factors to the human body.
Water Filter Cartridge of Removal Chlorine 
Generally, calcium sulfite, or frosting is used to remove residual chlorine in water quality.
There are many auxiliary filter elements for water purifiers, but many auxiliary filter elements are just the hype of the concept, which has a very poor effect on the water purifier, the effect is very poor, and even has side effects, so it is difficult to achieve the desired effect.

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