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Whirlpool  Refrigerator Filter 2pack

Whirlpool Refrigerator Filter 2pack Item NO.: 1147893

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US$ 54.00

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  • Main adaptation models:W10295370
  • EDR1RXD1
  • 469081
  • W10217316 W10291030
Product Name Whirlpool Refrigerator Filter 2pack
Item NO. 1147893
Weight 0.272 kg = 0.5997 lb = 9.5945 oz
Category Refrigerator Water Filter
Brand Whirlpool
Creation Time 2020-07-02

Main adaptation models:W10295370
W10217316 W10291030



This water filter is easy to install, lasts a long time, and the filtered water tastes very good! Disposal is easy and can be disposed in landfills. I would recommend to anyone needing a water filter for the appropriate whirlpool refrigerator.



These filters work well and fit most brands. It seems they are trying to make fewer of these units so it will fit many different brands- be sure to look up your model to get the right one. All of these little filters are getting pretty expensive and it seems to be a lot of money for a plastic unit with some charcoal in it! They work though and the water seems to taste good. Be sure to run several glasses through it when new as some of the charcoal will bleed out into the first few glasses of water. I ran a few pitchers through and the water then runs clear and clean



Needed to replace our filter and a friend recommended this one. I'm sold! Works great and fit perfectly. Water taste was very much improved! Our city water is gross. I can taste a difference for sure, even from our previous pur water filter.



I’m somewhat assured of quality and performance. I guess that I’d have to have our water tested in order to be sure the filter does anything. But I trust Whirlpool and their products.



I’m somewhat assured of quality and performance. I guess that I’d have to have our water tested in order to be sure the filter does anything. But I trust Whirlpool and their products.



Perfect water filter replacement.
Easy replacement just click the button at the bottom left of your freezer and the old filter pops out then you pop this one in.
I’m a terrible person and didn’t follow the instructions that say you should flow a few gallons of water through the new filter before drinking it.



This has worked great for us. I subscribe and get a new one every couple months. It takes 20 seconds to swap the filter out and we have had absolutely no issues with smell or taste or quality.



The product does a great job of filtering the water. What is most important to me beyond functionality of a product is the service from the company providing it. I have had about 5 of these filters so far and no problems.The replacement filter works great.



we bought these refrigerators knowing we had to replace the filter for great water...this did the trick. Fits perfectly & wasn't the first one that I bought from this seller. Check your model number & know you will get FAST shipping & just what you ordered. Stay hydrated, my friends!



I was happy with the easy installing and it does make the water taste better. My pets seem to go to their water bowls more than before because of the none smell of bleach.



This is the only style that fits our refrigerator. As soon as I replace the filter that came with the product, water was flowing out and taste great. I always thought there was an issue bigger than a filter due to the fact water never streamed out correctly. I highly recommend all whirlpool users to use this filter if it fits your refrigerator.



It was super easy to instal. It was easy on mine since I just pulled it out and popped it back in and closed the latch. These are so much easier to install than the ones on my last Samsung fridge. The water tastes pretty good too.



I try to replace these every 6 months as they recommend. We have well water. The filter does not affect the taste. They recommend that you run some gallons of water out after you replace the filter. But you know how slow those water dispensers are on your refrigerator! It would take forever, so we haven't done it. I wish I knew why they tell you to do that.



So yeah, fridge had been telling me I should change filter but I kept ignoring. The water dispenser was pretty slow but somehow I always figured it was just like that. Changed filter and water pours out fast. I guess it's all it needed, ooops!



its like having spring water come out of your fridge ! totally worth it! plus you can ger the temperature you want. its a must in every house!!! saving you from having to keep on buying bottled water and having to keep recycling the bottles



Purchased from Warehouse. Just as good as new. Fit right into the refrigerator and no leaks at all.
Have to run about a gallon of water through it at first to clear the charcoal, but after works with no issues. I recommend buying OEM vs an aftermarket filter as this one fits perfect without any issues.



This was my third purchase Whirlpool water filter. Installation takes less than a minute. The cost savings compared to buying anti-environment friendly plastic bottled water is enormous. I highly recommend


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These brand name filters cost more, but you will see fewer carbon particles in the first (discarded) gallons, and the bubbles and grit clear up faster. So probably worth the cost, but it adds up to a lot every six months.



I have tried other brands of water filters, but the taste of the water wasn’t as good as with this filter. Would highly recommend.


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The instructions say run a gallon of water though the filter after installation. I think that takes care of any taste problem you might encounter. I have no trouble with the water filter. My water tastes fine.