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Whirlpool  Refrigerator Filter 3pack

Whirlpool Refrigerator Filter 3pack Item NO.: 1147911

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US$ 84.00

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  • Main adaptation models:W10295370
  • EDR1RXD1
  • 469081
  • W10217316 W10291030
Product Name Whirlpool Refrigerator Filter 3pack
Item NO. 1147911
Weight 0.272 kg = 0.5997 lb = 9.5945 oz
Category Refrigerator Water Filter
Brand Whirlpool
Creation Time 2020-07-02

Main adaptation models:W10295370
W10217316 W10291030



I found this and the replacement program while searching for a better deal than the local box stores. It is outrageous what these filters cost, but this seems to take care of it for me.



Great water filter same as factory installed and brand. better price than our local stores or same brand name product. Easy to install and works well with our water system in our refrigerator.




Much easier to get a fridge filter than to go down to the appliance store from where I bought the fridge, or even to get at Walmart or Sears. Also better price. These work very well and keep our water nice and clean, ditto the ice cubes.



Perfect! As described. We've been using this product for two years and it works great. As soon as the water starts tasting odd we replace the filter AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. Works every time and water water!



Little pricey for replacing every 6 months, but came really fast . On my 2019 Whirlpool fridge, this was easy to replace. Taste wise, water seems to taste just as good as any store bought water bottle.



Using the Whirlpool filter that goes with the whilpool refrigerator. Does the job it was designed to do. Not only is my house water system filtered but also softened. My osmosis system also feeds my ice maker.



Perfect fit for my new Whirlpool frig. Easy to install. Pricey, but still cheaper than where I bought frig and other home fixer-upper places. Even cheaper on AMZN than at discount filter stores.



Very easy to install. Flavor for me is excellent. Every time I need to change filter, this is the one I get. Just run the water through the new filter a few times.



I find these expensive but it’s the one my refrigerator needs. It works great, taste great, and arrived quickly with my prime membership . Very convenient to be able to just order it online .



Replaces original filter that came with refrigerator with identical fit and quality. No issues with popping out old and putting in the new water filter in my relatively new Whirlpool refrigerator. You can buy it with confidence. I switch to soft water, so it had to be replaced. The soft water was chlorine free, but the old filter had to be replaced because it was still shedding the chlorine that was trapped in the old filter.



The filtration quality is excellent. Thanks to this filter, I no longer need charcoal filters on my coffee maker! When I go to descale my coffee maker, there is no scale! Nada! And I'm no longer buying coffee maker charcoal water filters, they don't work at all compared to this fridge filter!



Works well with my fridge and I like how the water tastes. Just need to be sure to run a gallon of water through it before using it



A great product for our Whirlpool fridge. We use our water dispenser very regularly and have never had an issue with these filters. They produce great tasting water water for months at a time.



I love this water filter. One thing that I absolutely love is that I can get it sent directly to you on automatic basis. I believe I have my settings for 4 months and it will just send me it directly. I was shocked out easy it was to install. Literally, I take the top off and then put it into the slot it needs to go at the bottom of my fridge. I am definitely a fan!



I received the filter today , installed it easily in my fridge (first time changing it) water is coming out nice and fresh no more weird taste to it. Definitely recommend this product.



I've purchased this brand of water filter for my frigerator many times and have had great results and I've never had any problem. I will continue to recommend and purchase this one again and again.



This product works like a charm and cleans our water in or refrigerator. We don't get a bad or funny taste from out ice cubes. Great price too.



My tap water tastes terrible but the filtered water from the fridge tastes much better. Highly recommend. And it’s easy to install into the fridge.



This works great in our fridge. We disnt want to spend the crazy amount of money on the name brand our fridge said to use so we bought this and it works great. We had no problems with installation and we have had no problems since.



I'm very pleased with this water filter. The water tastes as fresh as it ever did with the Whirlpool-branded filter and flows just as freely. I expect this to be my new go to replacement filter. I had no problem whatsoever in inserting it - no leaks, etc.